About Horus and Ninazu

Horus and Ninazu are both high level initiates that have been on spiritual paths for over 20 years each. They have been searching for truth, understanding and knowledge of this incredible world we live in and universe that surrounds us.
By studying and gaining understanding of metaphysical texts and having received high level training in the linage of King Solomon they have an understanding of the energy of the world and universe. Based on metaphysical teachings they continue to develop high vibrational products designed to heal, remove suffering and awaken people to their highest potential.
They encourage their customers to try out the products and to feel or notice the benefits that they receive from using them. Some people feel the energy shift immediately, others over a period of time.  
Ninazu continues to train locally and internationally with the Modern Mystery School. He is a Life Activation practitioner, Ritual Master 3.0, Guide teaching Empower Thyself classes, a Healer and a Kabbalist. He shares these ancient teachings and healings to all who seek healing, knowledge and empowerment. 
Horus studies and trains with the Modern Mystery School. As a Healer, Life Activation practitioner, Ritual Master, Kabbalist and student of the occult he has a vast knowledge and draws on this experience to bring the ancient knowledge into new paradigm products.

5th Paradigm