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The Clarity Chip protects your entire body from all Electromagnetic stresses (mobile/cellular phones, cellular towers, TV and computer screens, etcetera). The benefits include activating the elements in the physical body, bringing inner peace and balancing the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

When worn while meditating you achieve profound levels of clarity and purity.

Each set contains 1 clarity chip.



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J.R. - England5 Stars
To me, the clarity represents the future of technology. How I experience it, is harmonizing the energies within and without the body. It can be worn on the third eye area where it will naturally stick (and other points) and I feel this as harmonizing frequencies and bringing clarity to the consciousness and the energy field. I find it useful to neutralize "distortion" when experiencing discordance within/without. I have shown this to a sensitive and they found the effect to be very strong! It can be used for EMF field protection yes, but there seem to be other uses and it seems to be working at a deeper level. Truly, a magickal technology in the modern age, we need to see more of this kind of thing!
Andrew - London5 Stars
Real Alchemy at work. I find the Clarity Chip is amazing for meditation. It brings in clarity and understanding. Every time I have it with me, it heightens my sense awareness and brings in level of energy that is tangible. Thank you for this awesome tool.