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Mobile and cellular phones emit electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful to the human body and your energetic health. The 5th Paradigm mobile/cell phone protector card has been specifically created to diffuse this radiation. The card converts the electromagnetic stresses into light energy.

The card should be attached to the back of the mobile/cell phone or placed inside the case.

When used, people report feeling energised, communicating more clearly, not suffering from "hot/tingly ears" and test positive when using applied kinesiology.



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Charles - U.K5 Stars
I use this on my mobile phone, laptop, computer at work and my internet router. It started with my phone and then I liked it so put it on other technology equipment. It feels like they get a kind of "upgrade" when I do this. Not so much in physical hardware, but in the way the hardware/software relates to the whole cosmos, like they are connected to the true "spiritual" internet. Rather than an isolated and negative device, it is like the technology becomes connected to a greater whole or some higher plan or something like that. It seems to make technology more positive. It seems to harmonize disharmonious frequencies that the technology may be channelling. After all, technology is channelling energy/information, if something can affect the consciousness/energy field (whatever the correct word is) it would make sense it would affect the technology. So for instance, if the technology tries to be used in a negative way, it seems to hinder that, yet when the technology aims to be put to good use, it seems to aid that. Overall though, the effect is that you can use the technology better, and it harmonizes better with you and others. With regards to a phone, often before I could get a kind of head/ear ache is talking on a mobile, and this would in turn hinder my communication to others, but using a clarity chip seems to neutralize this. It feels then that I have more freedom to use the technology with the aid of the clarity chip, I leave my phone reception on more then I used to, and it feels like the technology works with me more. Overall, it is definitely worth getting one of these.
Alexandra - London5 Stars
I have been searching for years for an effective device to protect my sensitive system from EMF radiation, and this is the most effective I've ever come across (and believe me I've tried many!!). I feel it has other beneficial effects other than just on radiation. It helps all communication. Am so grateful to have found this and I now recommend them to my clients and friends.
Andrew - London5 Stars
Along with the Clarity Chip, I use the phone chip. Attached to mu phone I find communication to be clearer, understanding and clarity in conversations I am having. I find the effects of the cell phone are decreased and I feel less 'fuzzy' after long conversations. I would normally be sensitive to frequencies and with out the chip I would normally suffer with electromagnetic hypo sensitivity but I find the chip is literally able to effect my state. After researching more in to this and looking at the affect the chip has on me, I have found that it improves my sleep and that harmful frequencies no longer have the same effect on me. with better sleep, my melanin levels have risen helping with anti-ageing, removal of free radicals in my system, controlled and deeper sleep and clearer communication. Thank you for this!