Trinatus Unus



A specially alchemically created Hokutolite water. Three drops in a litre of water and drunk at least once a day is reported to alter the shape of the human DNA allowing for increased health and ability to hold high vibrations.

Hokutolite is a meteorite that is found in its purest form in Taiwan where it is a national treasure. It is rich in negative ions which are well know for there health benefits.

During the complex alchemical procedure we take Hokutolite and purify to the nth degree; purified water is added and sacred vibrational frequencies infused into the liquid. The result is a powerful elixir that has had the following benefits reported:

A strengthening fo the immune system and increase in metabolism.
Regulating of the hormonal functions of the body, anti-aging with skin improving properties.
Help bring balance to blood pressure.
Reports indicate reduction in cholesterol levels.
Brings a general sense of well being.



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